PATTERN PLACEMAT - Cathedral Window Placemat 17" X 13"
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Cathedral Window Placemat. A strip of cathedral windows are sewn on the left side of the placemat, over the slit that was made to turn right sides out using the pillow case method which eliminates the need for binding.  The quilting theme is inspired from the secondary patern of the cathedral windows, circles.  This pattern has detailed directions for making the body of the placemat and the cathedral windows all by machine.  Includes easy to follow instruction to quilt perfectly round circles on the placemat body.  Also included is a digram showing how to quilt the cathedral windows in one continuous line. 

Beautiful cathedral windows without having to complete a 10 year project of a full sized quilt.  However, you could make a complete quilt!

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PATTERN PLACEMAT - Cathedral Window Placemat 17" X 13"

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