FREE Download - Heart Mug Rug
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You will love this quick and easy project.  Our gift to you on Valentines Day.  If you have on hand (I know you do) two pieces 7.5 X 7.5" of fabric, one 5.5" square of heart fabric and a piece of scrap cotton batting (who doesn't have scrap batting you just itching to be used) you've got everything you need.... it may take you an hour or much likely less.... you will have an adorable, or whooo whooo mug rug.

Here's how it works, add the download to your cart.  For payment select "Print and Call" you don't need to call because it's free, it's how the system works (I have complained about this, but for now we are stuck with it).  You will receive a download message, click on the link and the download will be yours in a flash.

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FREE Download - Heart Mug Rug

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