Blue Line Eraser


We have great ways to order Blue Line Eraser.

The "All In" (my personal favorite).  When you go All In you get everything you need to mark on light and dark fabrics (medium & fine tip plus a white marker) and everything you need to remove the marks.  An 8 oz bottle of Blue Line Eraser with sprayer and and applicator pen to fill with Blue Line Eraser so you can trace over the marks to remove them, and the cutiest little funnel to fill the applicator with.

The 3pc Kit, which includes the 8 oz bottle of Blue Line Eraser, a medium marker plus the applicator pen.


The 2pc Set, which includes a 16 oz. bottle of Blue Line Eraser and a handy 2 oz micro mist spray bottle (comes empty, just fill up with Blue Line Eraser),

The Refil, which is ONLY the 16 oz bottle of Blue Line Eraser. (No sprayer or applicator included)

The 8oz bottle of Blue Line Eraser.  The bottle comes with a sprayer top.

You can also order a empty 2 oz spray bottle.  I love the way this small bottle fits in your.