BLE - Eraser/Applicator Pen
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As promised.  The "Blue Line Eraser Applicator Pen.  Is the best focused delivery system We've found.  The pen is shipped empty.  You fill the barrel of the pen with Blue Line Eraser (don't for get to order the little funnel).  Shake until the nip is wet, trace over the blue fabric marker lines and "Lines go away and stay away".  If you have spent time on a applique project or an embroidery project and you don't need to spray an entire area with Blue Line Eraser, this pen is for you! It's so easy to use, and you can't beat the price!  Yes we are, bringing you more ways to have great adventures.

** Please note:  The cap on the BLue Line Eraser pen twists off Righty Loosie, Hold the bottom of the pen and twist the blue top in the direction of the arrow on lable **


If you only want to order the Blue Line Eraser Pen and/or Markers, keep in mind the shipping is a flat rate so take advantage and order a bunch.  And don't forget to order Blue Line Eraser to go along with your applicator pens or markers.


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BLE - Eraser/Applicator Pen

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